Palita started cooking since before she could reach the stove. Learning to cook from her grandma and aunts, she learned to recreate the dishes from her summers she spent in Thailand. Having worked in healthcare for the better part of a decade, Palita created a food blog that was her creative outlet and eventually received the opportunity to open in Fulton Galley. Having not gone to culinary school, Palita cooks from the heart and hopes to share the cooking of her childhood. To Palita, Pink Salt is the intersection of femininity meets courage, which is especially significant as she takes on this new endeavor that has been a lifelong passion.

Pink Salt brings Isaan food, a cuisine from the Northeastern region Thailand, to life. Focusing on seasonal ingredients and northern Thai herbs, Pink Salt will feature their signature grilled-roasted chicken (Gai Yang), herbal sausages) (Sai Ua, and mortar pounded salads (Som Tum). Isaan food is meant to be eaten with hands and shared over ice teas, cocktails, and the many beers of Fulton Galley.